For whatever we lose...

...it's always ourselves we find in the sea.

Serena Mare
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Hook - Muse of the Seven Seas, Left Handed Swordsmnaship, and the Pianoforte

I was born on an island as a human, and, as happens to many island folk, when I was of an age to explore I found the ocean. Not as I had seen it from my mother's kitchen window, but close up. I FOUND it. From then on I was enchanted by it, in its fluid essence, and crystaline luminosity. When I looked into the depths of the sea, shrouded in blue mystery, I saw myself. Then one day, when I was perhaps nine, I found a necklace hidden in some seaweed. I put it on and found I could bear the warm air and hot sun no longer. I dove into the cool water, and there I have dwelt ever since. When I was perhaps thirteen I came under the spell of an evil sorceress. She turned me into a siren. I thirsted for the lives of men, and brought not a few to ruin. It seemed it would make me happy at the time, but it didn't ever. Then I met one man, a man kinder than I had ever hoped to find, and he resisted my call. He loved me, but resisted. Thus the evil spell was broken. Since then I have recovered, never fully, but in large degree. I offer aid to the shipwrecked sailors, and lost fishermen I find, and this satisfies me. I am in love now too. He is the lovliest person I have ever met. He is shy and yet passionate. He loves me above all others. He fulfills my soul. I'll never leave the sea, but perhaps we could meet at the shore...